Just a few weeks ago, I got to enjoy my first time ever in a suite at the Chukchansi Stadium. The suites offer a great view of the football field, as well as giving a nice view of parts of downtown Fresno (seeing some of the old rundown buildings really makes me wish Fresno renovated them or just tore them down). The suites are especially ideal during the summer, as they are air conditioned, and provide tap water and a ice bucket to stay hydrated. You can still go outside, as the suites provide a door outside to private stadium seating.

Prices aside, the food service isn’t shabby, as it comes directly to the suite and stays warm on portable burners. One food item that stood out a bit to me was the potato chips, as they make their own batches of it (and it comes to you still sizzling a bit). Disappointingly, if you want drinks (and you don’t want to pay another arm and a leg), you have to go down to the bar. The bar area itself is quite nice, also offering a good view, as it’s only a level down from the suites. I don’t know about the other drinks, but their margaritas are fantastic.