Fresno State Beer: Brew U

Fresno State has its own winery program, and consequently, has its own wines. But it is now getting its own beer brewing program as well!

Brew U

Brew U is a hands-on practical education in the craft beer industry. BrewU is designed for the beginning brewer or the extract brewer who wants an introduction into the brewing process. This series will provide the knowledge base required to brew a high-quality all-grain craft beer.

Participants will learn about the components of brewing (basic science, cell biology, basic biochemistry), brew beer types, malts, mash and water chemistry, hops, and yeast. At the culmination of this course, participants will develop and brew 75 – 90 gallons of their own craft beer.

Participants will receive a certificate for completing each section and those who attend the entire program will receive a certificate of completion. Completion of these classes will provide you a competitive advantage for a career in the craft beer industry, or help you begin the journey to starting your own commercial brewing operation.