The San Joaquin River is one of those things in Fresno that’s just there; people don’t really notice it unless they’re looking for it. Easily seen in Northern Fresno, especially near the Bluffs. Further along to Friant there’s Millerton Lake (of which the San Joaquin river runs through) and plenty of trails in the area. Pincusion Trail, which leads up to Pincushion Peak, gives a really good view of the area.

Back in Fresno, there’s a part of Highway 41 that passes over the San Joaquin River. It’s quite walkable in that area; I even biked there for quite a bit, going along much of the river. I even recall some folks that were just passing by in the river on their floats, commenting they had no clue where they were going. Guess their destiny is up to the river.

The San Joaquin River below the 41 Highway overpass.