Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Save Mart Center

Normally starting their tour halfway into November, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra will once again grace Fresno at the Save Mart Center on November 30, 7pm, with December but a day away. While I tend to have an aversion to Christmas stuff before the start of December, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra gets a special exemption.

I have no clue what TSO looks like at Save Mart Center, but I hope it looks like this!

The organization tours at more than 50 cities throughout the United States, with two bands covering the East and West parts of the country. Far more than their original tour in 1999 in a 7 cities! There is still ticket availability but that could change very quickly if you have any interests in seeing it for the first time.

Options for Turkey Day

I don’t know if the name Thanksgiving will be “politically” correct in these times, but Turkey Day works just as fine. Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving is actually right around the corner and now would be a good time to prepare for the grand feast. Luckily, there are many simple, quick and easy solutions. One of the most cost effective and versatile is grabbing your items over at Costco; with 3 locations throughout Fresno, it’s hard to be too far away. Costco has a Kirkland Signature precooked and ready to go turkey breast; it’s as simple as heating it up as needed and slicing it, no trouble. And there’s plenty of vegetables and salads you could possibly choose from, and quality mashed potatoes.

You also may have heard about Popeyes Cajun seasoned turkey. But is it worth it? It’s $99, and comes with no sides. Though it’s already cooked, it comes frozen only. For $99 it better come with sides… You could buy much more with $99 I’d say.

The Christmas Creep

As soon as Halloween was over and we entered the month of November, corporations and people were quick to throw down Halloween festivities just the day after, but those got replaced with Christmas decorations, nearly 2 months before the actual day of Christmas. We have not even enjoyed the traditional turkey dinner that November has to offer us yet! I can’t even listen to an ad without hearing cringe Christmas themed music playing, and talks of Santa and elves. It seems like every year it just gets earlier and earlier.

Seriously? A full blown Christmas tree in the first week of November? This is at a Fresno shopping center where Cheesecake Factory is at.

There is a proper name to this merchandising phenomenon: Christmas creep. The blame goes to American capitalism and the people that buy into it. If you’ve ever noticed (it’s hard to not notice), Christmas decorations can pop-up in stores as early in the first day of October. The reason? Halloween and Thanksgiving just aren’t good enough; they don’t provide enough merchandise or sales, and that’s on people’s buying habits, with Christmas shopping reportedly occurring before Halloween.

How do we possibly fight back? The excess of Christmas months before Christmas is making Christmas no longer feel like the unique and special holiday it should be. While Halloween will hopefully always be celebrated, Thanksgiving is but an afterthought; now it’s a day where people eat. I almost just want a pet turkey in my yard. I’ve only ever seen one house ever don Thanksgiving decorations. Hopefully someone can make that a thing, especially when Christmas starts to get celebrated before summer ends.

A random yard somewhere in Clovis. Beware of Turkey!

Fresno Philharmonic: Beethoven’s Seventh

Anna Clyne’s DANCE, written for cello soloist Inbal Segev, was inspired by lines from the 13th century Persian poet Rumi. George Antheil’s A Jazz Symphony was one of the first American works to fuse jazz and classical music, while Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, a work of extraordinary rhythmic vitality, was famously described by Richard Wagner as “the apotheosis of dance.”

Subscriptions and single tickets on sale now!