Disheveled Wine Review

Disheveled is a wine produced by Engelmann Cellars, a local winery in Fresno County. It is a red blend, and as the name suggests, it is indeed quite disordered. But perhaps, it’s disordered to perfection, starting off simple and ending as sophisticated. The blend is dominated by a sweet wine, perhaps a red Moscato or a red Port. This seems to lend a syrupy, or thick consistency with the blend. Yet, it obviously contains flavors and texture associated with dryer reds.

On the nose is ripe red berries, chocolate, fresh earth, dare I say bark, with a little burn of ethanol (rubbing alcohol like to the nose). I doubt you could tell it’s mostly sweet on nose alone. Initially it is a very sweet, but in the middle as you allow the liquid to immerse your tongue, it becomes slightly acidic, which makes it a bit tart. Finally, the blend has a dry finish. Your tongue should literally feel dry, which can be attributed to the properties of tannins in dry red wines. I tried guessing what wines were used in the blend, and at least two of my guesses were correct. My guess was red Moscato, Zinfandel, Malbec or Merlot. Engelmann reveals the blend on their website description of the wine.

This sweet red wine is sweet but not too sweet. Complex but not too complex. Easy to drink but, wait yes it is really easy to drink. Our newest and one of our fastest wine to gain fans. Disheveled is a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Zinfandel. We used a little sweet Zinfandel to bring up the sweet factor and came up with a wine that is perfect for a patio, brunch or a summer night of music in a Vineyard Park.

Engelmann Cellars

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