I am the type of person that don’t go to Casinos for what they’re pretty much meant for: Gambling. Instead, I’ll hang out with friends and family that may gamble there, but the main purpose of me going there is social: Eating and drinking. However, I very rarely decide to venture inside a Casino because of its toxic/smelly atmosphere due to intense smoking (even the best ventilation systems won’t make the atmosphere 100% clean).

But, it seems more and more Casinos are becoming smoke free, with even big names like MGM (Las Vegas) converting to smoke free since 2020. Near Fresno, we have several large Casinos, such as Table Mountain and Chukchansi. Table Mountain may appeal more to non smokers or those that wish to protect their health, as this casino is smoke free completely inside, ever since its expansion. Chukchansi on the other hand, only has some areas that are non smoking; you’d have to get through all the smoky haze first.

While I applaud Table Mountain for its clean, healthy air, there are some things that are surprising. Unlike Chukchansi (and Tachi Palace), there are no pools or a spa. Also, in one of its restaurants, Blue Oak, I was left disappointed by the drinks. They tended to be inconsistent, especially with martinis (inconsistent pours) and mango margaritas (there’s no mango, and sometimes there’s strawberries in it!).