Sancha is a Blonde Ale brewed by Riley’s Brewing Co. that is made with real honey! It’s probably a fraction of how I imagine mead to taste, mead being a beverage made by fermenting honey mixed with water. Sancha’s honey notes are instantly recognizable, lending forward the mellow touch of sweetness and a slight syrupy consistency. Brewed with just a touch of hops, the resulting beer is a balance of sweet and bitter, with neither flavor overpowering the other.

Custom brewing makes Riley’s beers stand apart from the crowd. Like our Sancha: an easy-drinking, light-bodied blonde ale unlike any other. Smooth and refreshing, Sancha is brewed with real honey and just a touch of Cascade hops for hand-crafted taste and balance that are truly unique.

Riley’s Brewing Co.

Riley’s Brewing Co. is a local brewery based right up in Madera, and they do a lot more than just beers, with spirits, hard seltzers, sodas, and ready to drink cocktails.