I’m very new to (and still have yet to actually like) trying to enjoy whiskey straight, that is, by itself. The only alcohol spirits that have lent a sippable experience for me are various brandies, which in a way are somewhat close to a whiskey in that they’re aged or treated in oak barrels that lend characteristic flavors. I’ve tried a Jameson and Kirkland’s Irish whiskey, and they’re not that sip friendly to me either, nor are they particularly smooth to shoot (you really shouldn’t shoot expensive alcohol anyway); a chaser is encouraged (such as pickle juice, a stranger chaser that isn’t bad after shooting some whiskey).

At a chance walk-in at Splash in Fresno, there was a promo for Roe & Co Irish Whiskey: Free samples and a $5 price on shots or mixed cocktails using it. RC’s Irish Whiskey was surprisingly smooth; the free sample shot slid down my throat no problem, with no burn. I went ahead an ordered a shot to sip for a while to truly analyze the whiskey. Exceptionally smooth with hints of vanilla, maybe some butterscotch, combined with the spice of oak. I consumed more than half it until I decided to mix it with some Coke.