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More Sierra Nevada photos (and with videos this time)

Featured image caption: This panorama suffered from bad processing (making it appear very wavy), yet I like it for some reason.

Since my last post, I thought that sharing only 6 photos did not do justice to the many other pictures I took. So, this time I am sharing the rest of my photos (and videos) that I thought were blog worthy.

I took this in slow motion (240fps) from the passenger window of the car.
I appreciate all the healthy trees in this photo, as many were dead elsewhere.
Appears I wasn’t the only one who felt like a snow trip today. It doesn’t look like it, but it was quite difficult for me to go to the edge of the lake, as the snow was still deep andI wore casual shoes.
I deserve some credit for getting snow in my shoes and nearly falling in this almost freezing water.
Haven’t seen Shaver Lake this full in a while, and it’s still winter, meaning that much snowfall has yet to melt.
Wispy and ghostly moisture blob (it’s a little hard to see).

Sierra Nevada Forest Photos

For my birthday, Mike and I had gone down to the Sierra Nevada National Forest, specifically to see snow, Shaver Lake, and Huntington lake. Because it was very cold, and I had forgotten to bring proper shows, most of our time was on the road, with silence and a constantly changing sky. I actually like the idea of having the road present in the pictures, as it clearly shows adventure, with each picture communicating a different mood. The featured image for example, looks to me very surreal and endless.

The start of our adventure. You can see how windy the roads are, and a mix of burnt and live trees.
The dam wall of Shaver Lake. I’ve never actually been that close to it before.
The golden rays of the sun really make for pretty pictures.
I enjoy how the atmosphere of the forest keeps alternating from cloudy to sunny.
The end of our adventure. The sun is setting, and we have a view of Shaver Lake from high above.

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