The Me-N-Ed’s in River Park, Coney Island, has changed their interior a bit since I’ve last visited. This Me-N-Ed’s location is known for two things: A huge slice of New York Style pizza (of which comes from a humongous 18 inch pizza you can order), and its arcade room. In order to make space for the new beer tap wall, and its new bar, a section of the restaurant (from the front door to the left) that once hosted arcade games had to make way. There’s still arcade games at the back of the restaurant, FYI.

Curious how to use the new system? First you have to get a beer tap card from the bartender (have ID and credit card ready). After that’s done, grab a cup of your choice. Feel like small samples or wine? They’re located in a section directly underneath the taps. The larger cups for full pours are located in a fridge to the left. Now all you have to do is tap your card over the screen with your desired beverage, select the beverage and the size, and you’re ready to pour (make sure to do it at a 45 degree angle to minimize bubbling). Bear in mind that you’re supposed to be charged only for what you pour, so don’t be too frightened if you couldn’t pour everything all at once.

The beer tap wall is designed to be self-serve. Those who have visited the Me-N-Ed’s in the Tower District will be familiar with this system.