Once upon a time, I was still a beer noob. I did not know what I was tasting most of the time, and drank it merely for the experience and because I could. From IPAs, Lagers, Sours, Micheladas, and wheat beer (Hefeweizen) I now have much more experience and points of comparison when it comes to beers. The Half Dome beer is brewed by Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company, which is based in Fresno. I tried this beer before at their bar & grill, but that was a few years back when I was a greenhorn. Half Dome is a wheat beer, using Californian wheat. It is unfiltered, so it is hazy in appearance and has yeast particles floating around.

Wheat beer is almost always hazy.

Unsurprisingly, it is exceptionally smooth and juicy. Half Dome is also complimented by Fresno grown stone fruits (peaches, apricots, nectarines etc.), making it authentically peachy to the nose and tongue. As for its availability, it can be found on tap in several bars in Fresno. For purchase, it’s cheapest bought at Walmart ($1.19 per 12 fluid ounces; that’s a very low price for local beer!). Half Dome is an evolution of Tioga-Sequoia’s Golden Ale ‘Peach Wheat’.

Those black particles appear to be seed fragments from the stone fruit. That’s fresh.