It’s not the spooky season, but there’s always a time for a spooky themed mini-golf course right here in Fresno! I stumbled upon it out of a simple electric scooter ride alongside Blackstone Avenue (5179 N Blackstone Ave), and it peaked my curiosity enough to find out it was completely indoors, isolated from the cold (or hot) temperatures in Fresno.

This is in contrast to Blackbeard’s (and the now closed Boomers), whose golf course is outside. Being inside also allows this Ghost Golf to be spooky and dark, but fear not, black lights and neon colored golf balls help a bit.

Ghoul Shooter; many of the decorations react when struck.

When you purchase your entry, you get access to most of the arcade games as well, though I think the one worth playing is similarly themed shooting game; hitting the targets will bring about many surprises! Note that the final stage will consume your golf ball, so if you are playing just for fun like me and skip a few stages whilst waiting for others to finish their stages (it can take a while, as some of these are legitimately challenging), don’t do the final stage unless you’re actually done!

One of the various decorations you’ll come across throughout the course.