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Lincoln Pub and Grub Review

So, both me and Mike went to the Lincoln Pub & Grub for the first time
ever. It is in the Tower District, and they are open on weekdays except Monday 4-10, and Weekends 12-10 (till 6 for Sunday). They have a large variety of drinks, from beers to hard liquor cocktails, and all of them don’t leave you feeling like you’ve overpaid, as they only range from $5-$7! (Meanwhile, clubs and bars can easily get away with $12-$15). I had a Bee’s Knees, High Priestess, and the First Lady.

The food is just as great and varied as the drinks. There are 13 appetizers, all of which are $5, and make for a great little snack to have when you’re drinking. There are also 7 other plates that range from $5 to $10 (with the sandwiches being $10). The food we tried were appetizers: street tacos (chicken and shrimp), calamari, and nacho fries. With these relatively cheap prices, a modest selection of food, and great drinks, I felt almost feel like there has to be some catch, like there must be something to disappoint.

But even the building itself is beautiful. The interior is modern industrial, decked with warm Edison LEDs, a dark/light finish throughout, mandatory LGBTQ flags (cause duh, it’s the Tower), a generally friendly atmosphere including the bartenders, and well, Lincoln. There’s a tall Lincoln image on the wall you could take a selfie with, but, most extravagant is the massive bar table, made with tens of thousands of pennies (believed to be $200 worth). Just can’t wait to enjoy a drink here with my mom!

Tower District Goldstein’s: Your local, friendly dive bar

Full resolution featured image here

Goldstein’s is a locally owned dive bar in the Tower District of Fresno. It is heavily oriented to beer and other soft beverages (hard ciders, cannabidiol drinks, and even hard kombucha), which is obvious in the featured image. Normally, Goldstein’s has karaoke, but COVID-19 said no, but they do allow dogs, which took me by surprise. I was poured the Apricot Cobbler (categorically a sour beer), which was literally a very recent addition, while Mike got himself a hard cider.

Other than the great selection of drinks, Goldstein’s itself has a unique, Steampunk oriented interior with a very friendly (in my experience) atmosphere of people. My only bad experience here was the smokers in the front and back; there doesn’t appear to be any designated areas for smokers/nonsmokers, which sucks. Also, I’ll say it again, dogs are allowed, so be wary of crashing into someone’s pooch, or if you have a dog yourself, you at least have guaranteed good company.

The Goldstein man in this image features an obvious Steampunk helmet… Look at all those beer labels!
The exterior of Goldstein’s is relatively bland compared to the interior.
The back patio.
The font for Goldstein’s in this image differs drastically from the exterior, lol.
I imagine seeing drunk people singing and playing the piano.

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