Manchester Arms, the apartment complex from hell.

Manchester Arms has recently caught the attention of the Fresnobee back in March. They reported on a crumbling building, flooded apartments, and horrible maintenance and managment. A broken oven was replaced with a cockroach infested one before a working oven was served. Hot water was turned off intermittently without notification, and HVAC systems were rendered inoperable due to mold and broken parts.

As a result of that publication, 50 code enforcers swarmed the building and found over 250 code violations. However, Manchester Arms’s incompetence stretches back to April 2018, of which there were already 14 complaints, but code enforcement didn’t take much action before the Fresnobee’s publication, with the management never paying a single fine or promptly fixing issues.

It hardly helps that for tenants, requesting maintenance (which would rarely lead to any actual action) can only be done via email and if they consent to being recorded. Management has also retaliated against tenants that speak out, risking eviction and raised rent. It’s very discouraging how that shithole has high rent, ranging from $700-$1000, and $900-$1200 for new tenants. It’s a huge bane of Fresno that affordable housing options don’t exist and that shitholes like that apartment complex get away with so much.