LYFT rideshare company is hiring drivers for the Fresno area. As of this posting they are even offering a pretty good bonus for new drivers. If you give 160 rides in the first 30 days of your first ride you can earn up to $960. If you are looking to do something different or perhaps earn some extra money evenings and weekends this might be the right opportunity for you.

I have worked on and off for UBER and LYFT to make extra money since the economy slowed during the pandemic. I much prefer LYFT over UBER because the riders on LYFT seem to be much more courteous and appreciative of your car and your time. I also think there are more tools and policies at your disposal with LYFT that protect you from unruly or abusive riders. Under Prop 22, rideshare drivers in California, earn a guaranteed hourly minimum wage of $18.50, not including tips and bonuses, and are paid $0.34 cents a mile.

Again, LYFT is offering new Fresno drivers a $960 bonus for giving 160 rides in the first 30-days of signing up. If you are in need of extra income or want to try and make it a full-time gig this might the way to go to try out the platform. Click the button below to get a referral from me that will qualify you for the $960 bonus.

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