Today marks the sixth anniversary of my ordination with Universal Life Church, The Monastery.  I was approached once by some friends about officiating their wedding ceremony.  They were running into some pushback from some local ministers about their same-sex marriage so they were putting feelers out to friends and family as a back up plan.  After some reflection and research I decided to take out credentials so I could marry them if they needed me to.  This ordination is completely legal in California, and in many other states, and affords me the right to officiate a wedding and sign county clerk marriage certificates.

If you, or anyone else you know, is having trouble getting a minister to officiate their wedding send them my way.  Some folks I know don’t even belong to a specific church or denomination but still want to have a churchy or more traditional ceremony.  I’m happy to sit down and talk with anyone about how I might help.  I even have access to a very nice event space if you want to have the ceremony there, or perhaps the reception. You can leave a comment on this post and I’ll get the message.