The Fresno Pet and Reptile Expo will take place June 3, 10am-5pm & June 4, 10am-4pm at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

Welcome to the Central Valley Reptile Expo! Our reptile events are full of exotic reptiles including lizards and snakes, arachnids, frogs and more. Our vendors displaying these animals are some of the top breeders and animal specialist in the country and are happy to provide you will information and a great selection of animals to help guide you on your next purchase.

Many of our events also include a pet event in addition to the reptile event that is housed separately all with a single price admission. At our pet events you will have representation from local retailers and manufacturers offering discount coupons and free samples to allow you to try some of their latest food products and treats, adoption and rescue groups looking to re-home dogs and cats that need a loving home so come join the fun and bring home a new reptile or furry pet!