This blog is dedicated to chilling out. Even after COVID-19 restrictions being mostly lifted, America is far from being the same it used to be. Not to mention Trump’s dangerous influence, even after him having not been in president for nearly 2 years, is leaving America in a perpetual tug of war. More so, rent, job security, and finances are likely our biggest concerns still.

A pretty painting on a trailer somewhere in a park.

With all of that said, I feel it is very important for us to find some time to relax properly, to go outside, take a walk, all of which were denied to us or made forgotten by the events in the pandemic. Find solace and temporarily disconnect yourself problems and worries you may be experiencing, and realize that once again, peace is fully available to provide some healing. Below is just some of the pictures I snapped from my walk somewhere in Fresno.

A new development somewhere; life in the middle of an empty field.