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New website special ($500)

Did you know that only 36% of businesses have a dedicated website for their products and services? It’s a shock to us that in this day and age so many just leave money on the table by trying to skate by with only a Facebook page or Twitter account. That 36% only looms larger when you stop to consider that over 75% of online shoppers begin their search for a new product or service by seeking out dedicated seller websites.

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Sam’s Club gas station making progress

The gas station construction at Sam’s Club on North Blackstone avenue across from River Park is really coming along. I actually prefer Sam’s over Costco but ultimately I need the discounted, high quality gas that Costco offers. Every other Sam’s Club in the Valley has a gas station that offers the same discounted, good quality fuel so it has long been a source of frustration that Fresno’s did not.

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Farwell to the West Shaw Costco

Hate experiencing mindless traffic in Fresno? Who doesn’t. Traffic has always been a bane in West Fresno (W Shaw), thanks to railroad tracks that often have trains passing through, sometimes moving at sloth pace or not moving at all. But even without trains ruining the day, traffic is even more exuberant around the nearby Costco at W Shaw and Blythe, with huge backups further thanks to a badly placed Costco Gas station that is also the smallest compared to the Clovis and North Fresno locations. But now this Costco location is calling it quits when its lease expires next year.

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